Učebnice k přijímacím zkouškám

Obálka učebnice k přijímacím zkouškám na 8-letá gymnázia

11 cvičných testů z matematiky k přijímacím zkouškám na osmiletá gymnázia.

Novinka k přijímacím zkouškám

Testy 2018 z českého jazyka pro žáky 9. tříd ZŠ

Aktualizované vydání pro přijímací zkoušky na střední školy a gymnázia 2018

Novinka k maturitě 2018

Maturita 2018 z matematiky

Aktualizované vydání k maturitě z matematiky 2018

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Grammar in Practice 2 Elementary with tests

Autor:Gower Roger
Dostupnost:do 7 dnů
Cena s DPH:149 Kč

Cvičebnice anglické gramatiky. 40 lekcí gramatických cvičení s klíčem pro mírně pokročilé.

Grammar in Practice provides grammar practice in a simple and accessible format. Each book has 40 units of quick grammar exercises with regular test sections to encourage learners to revise what they have learnt. The books are small and easy to carry so learners can choose when and where they want to study.


1 She's an accountant; 2 has he got a passport?; 3 That's a good idea; 4 Is there a cafe? 5 Be careful!; 6 It's her phone; 7 I can read English well; 8 My friend's house; 9 A bowl of soup; 10 I know you; Test 1-10; 11 I'm reading a book; 12 Are you at home?; 13 Is he working? 14 We like our job; 15 You sound happy; 16 Do you work too hard?; 17 What do you do?; 18 I'm usually early; 19 She learns quickly; 20 They weren't there yesterday; Test 11-20; 21 They worked hard; 22 The capital of Paraguay; 23 What did you see?; 24 I'm going to stop the car!; 25 Would you like some water?; 26 I have to get up early; 27 Let's go out! 28 How much coffee did you drink? 29 It is more expensive...; 30 The heaviest baby in the world; Test 21-30; 31 I like studying; 32 She hasn't visited Japan 33 The train's just left; 34 Is it a long way?; 35 Have you finished?; 36 Send me the bill; 37 I was having dinner... 38 I'll help you; 39 Were you working?; 40 When I finish, I'll have a party; Test 31-40

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