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Obálka učebnice k přijímacím zkouškám na 8-letá gymnázia

11 cvičných testů z matematiky k přijímacím zkouškám na osmiletá gymnázia.

Novinka k přijímacím zkouškám

Testy 2018 z českého jazyka pro žáky 9. tříd ZŠ

Aktualizované vydání pro přijímací zkoušky na střední školy a gymnázia 2018

Novinka k maturitě 2018

Maturita 2018 z matematiky

Aktualizované vydání k maturitě z matematiky 2018

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Grammar in Practice 3 Pre-intermediate with tests

Autor:Gower Roger
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Cvičebnice anglické gramatiky. 40 lekcí gramatických cvičení s klíčem pro mírně až středně pokročilé.

Regular test sections to encourage learners to revise what they have learnt. The books are small and easy to carry so learners can choose when and where they want to study.


1 Is it a good job? be/have got 2 We had a big house have/have got 3 People are living longer present continuous 4 They speak Spanish present simple 5 She's never ill adverbs of frequency 6 I'm travelling round the world present simple or continuous 7 She studied business past simple 8 Who phoned you? object and subject questions 9 They were reading past continuous 10 It was raining. Did you go out? past continuous or simple Test 1 (Units 1-10) 11 A city in the north a/an or the 12 I'm taking my test tomorrow will, going to or present continuous 13 We have to go have to 14 I like apples no articles 15 We must hurry should/must 16 A lot of information quantity 17 She's just won present perfect 18 Do you want to go out? verb + verb-ing; verb+to + verb 19 If you write to us, … conditional 1 20 He couldn't sing can/could Test 2 (Units 11-20) 21 I'll see you when you get back when/as soon as/after 22What's she like? (be) like 23 It's a bigger room comparatives 24 If I was the manager, I'd… conditional 2 25 The best restaurantsuperlatives 26 I like people who are friendlydefining relative clauses 27 London isn't as big as Tokyoas + adjective + as 28 Pleased to meet youadjective + to-infinitive 29 He used to play tennisused to 30 I feel like dancing!Verb/adjective +preposition + -ing Test 3 (Units21-30) 31 She speaks clearly adverbs of manner 32 It's hot, isn't it question tags 33 There's no-one at home some-(one)/any-(thing)/no-(where) 34 It was too cold to go out too + adjective/adverb; not + adjective/adverb + enough 35 They are made in Taiwan present passive 36 There are too many people too much/too many/ not … enough + noun 37 I've been working here for 6 months present perfect continuous 38 I would like you to come verb + object/person + to-infinitive 39 I sent her a card verb + object 1 + object 2; verb +object 1 + to/for +object 2 40 It was sunny but very cold and/but/because/so Test 4 (Units 31-40) Irregular verbs Answer key

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